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Take a look at the images below, if your Beans looks like any of the pictures, we have written what the likelihood deficiency would be, read more to find out the solution to get your Beans growing to maximum potential.


Marsh spot. Beans are susceptible to Manganese deficiency. Older leaves show distinct yellow mottling whilst the leaf veins remain green. Younger leaves are a paler green with a fine yellow mottle. As the deficiency progresses stunting and distinct brown speckles appear on the foliage. In mature seeds a watery brown discoloration can be seen – hence the name Marsh spot.

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Older leaves develop interveinal yellowing. As the plant develops this can progress to bronzing between the leaves as the yellow patches expand and coalesce. The shortage symptoms progress as the crop develops as the restricted Magnesium supply becomes more significant as the plant gets bigger.

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Visual leaf symptoms are a uniform golden / yellowing across the whole leaf.

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