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Deficiency Causes

“The answers in the soil my boy! ” – Steve Townsend.

Traditionally we have all been taught that we measure the nutrients in the soil, work out an index and add what we think is missing to make up the difference. If only it was that easy!

  • What about when you have too much of one thing?
  • Doesn’t that effect availability of key nutrients?

This is the law of the maximum: – When an over supply of one element or mineral restricts the availability of others.  A good example of this is over liming. If you raise the pH of your soil slightly too much through over doing the calcium carbonate, you can lock up many of the other nutrients you need for unrestricted growth. So how is too much of one mineral spotted?

Ask yourself this question –

  • Do your crops look great but never really yield?
  • Do you have a ten tonne field that only really does eight?

Then the answer is in your soil. One or more of the nutrients your crops need isn’t being provided. Effective soil testing can tell you which ones. An excess of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphate can all interact and restrict access of key nutritional minerals to your crop. If this is a picture you recognise let us help you with your nutrition strategy and get the most for your business out of your crops performance.

If you suspect your crops might need a little something to make up that yield difference have a look at DEFICIENCY EFFECTS and our DIAGNOSIS CENTRE.