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What is a deficiency?

“Lad, it’s the bit what’s missing” – Anon.

A deficiency is the crop nutrient that the crop cannot get enough of. This can be a bulk nutrient such as Nitrogen, Phosphate or Potassium, but more commonly it is a minor or micronutrient. These are diverse in nature and the function they serve in your crop. If just one is lacking, the effect on your yields, and the returns they contribute to your business can be profound. So what are they…?

Minor nutrients are needed in kilos per hectare not tonnes. Micronutrients are needed in grams per hectare. True deficiency occurs when the environment that surrounds the crop cannot provide the levels that are needed to sustain unrestricted development. Virtually all of a crops nutrition comes through your soil. Some soils give up their minerals freely; others don’t have it to give. Some hold on to minerals like money! So what is the perfect soil?

In reality it has yet to be found.  Understanding your soil and what it will let you have is covered in DEFICIENCY CAUSES . Your goal as a grower should be to ensure your crops have access to the suite of minerals we call minor and micronutrients WHEN they need them in a form that they can use.

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