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What is a deficiency?

“Lad, it’s the bit what’s missing”
– Anon.

A deficiency is the crop nutrient that the crop cannot get enough of.
This can be a bulk nutrient such as Nitrogen, Phosphate or Potassium, but more commonly it is a minor or micronutrient. These are diverse in nature but if just one is lacking, the effect on your yields, and the returns can be profound

Deficiency Causes

“The answers in the soil my boy! ”
– Steve Townsend.

Traditionally we have all been taught that we measure the nutrients in the soil, work out an index and add what we think is missing to make up the difference. If only it was that easy!
What about when you have too much of one thing?
Doesn’t that effect availability of key nutrients?
This is the law of maximum.

Deficiency Effects

“A deficiency is a shortage dressed up as a symptom“ – Paul Cawood

When a minor or micronutrient is lacking, or locked up by soil chemistry there are a typical symptoms that your crops will show. A word of caution! When you can see the symptoms – it’s already too late! The DIAGNOSIS CENTRE can guide you through the visual symptoms you see, but what about the effects that you can’t see?

Crop nutrition is one of the largest investments you make each year. Make your N, P and K work harder for your business by fine-tuning your nutrition plan using Maxi-Phi foliar solutions to your crops nutritional needs.