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Maxi-Phi Seed Dressing

Key Features of Maxi-phi Seed Dressing

Maxi-phi Seed Dressing is designed to maximise root development by providing adequate manganese & zinc during the critical establishment phase. To gain maximum benefits this product should be used in conjunction with Maxi-phi Root Boost or Activate MP.

Can be applied to all combinable crops.

Statutory declaration:
% are expressed in weight / weight. % W/W
Amount of Zinc soluble in water  0.8 (Zn)
Amount of Manganese soluble in water 10.9 (Mn)
Amount of Sulphur Trioxide soluble in water 16.9 (SO3)


4.0 litres per tonne.

To aid application & coverage this product may be diluted 50:50 with water.


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