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Sugar Beet

Take a look at the images below, if your sugar beet looks like any of the pictures, we have written what the likelihood deficiency would be, read more to find out the solution to get your sugar beet growing to its maximum potential.


Speckled yellows. Leaves become erect with a slightly curled in the leaf margin. A yellow mottling appears between leaf veins on older leaves then younger leaves as symptoms progress. Sunken brown spots can appear in the mottled areas forming the distinctive “speckled Yellows”. Manganese symptoms are first visible from the two-leaf stage onwards.

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As with other crops interveinal yellowing that begins at the leaf margin and progresses towards the leaf midrib. As the shortage becomes more severe the yellow areas brown, and may blacken.

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Sugar beet is profoundly affected by a shortage of Boron. “Heart rot” or death of the growing point, followed by hollowing of the crown and decay of the root tissue. Leaf symptoms are characterised by browning and wilting with a brittle texture.

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